Bank transfer:

Transfer order (bank transfer) - one of the forms of cashless settlements. It consists in issuing the payment service provider (e.g. a bank) with an instruction to transfer a specific amount from the payer's payment account or bank account to another payment account indicated by the payee (beneficiary).


We use to expedite payments from our clients. In the normal course, the customer orders the transfer and usually after one day the payment is credited to the account. Thanks to the handling of transfers, we usually receive information about the transfer (with some exceptions, e.g. holidays) immediately.

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PayPal is the world's leading international credit card payment system that allows you to securely (without disclosing your financial information) make online payments in over 190 countries. Payments with this system can be made using convex payment cards VISA and MASTERCARD and flat debit cards: VISA ELECTRON and VISA GOLD.

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